Vidkun Quisling and Ioannis Rallis

There is a number of similarities between two of Europe’s most notorious collaborationists: Vidkun Quisling from Norway and Ioannis Rallis from Greece. Both stepped in to collaborate with Nazi Germany, and both did so to safeguard their countries. They both led the government in their respective countries, and both were tried by postwar authorities.

On their personal lifes there were also similarities: Both were married twice: Vidkun Quisling with Alexandra Andreevna Voronina and Maria Vasilijevna. Ioannis Rallis with Aspasia Kyriakouli Mavromichali and his second spouse was Zaira Theotoki.

Also, both of them died behind bars: Quisling died at the Akershus Fortress, Oslo, while Rallis died at the Averof Prison, Athens. And both of them died in October: Quisling died in 24 October in 1945, while Rallis died in 26 October 1946.

Vidkun Quisling Ioannis Rallis

Here is some more about Vidkun Quisling.

The second picture taken from Markos Vallianatos’ extremely interesting book The untold history of Greek collaboration with Nazi Germany (1941-1944)

Vidkun Quisling and Ioannis Rallis

Iron Youth – Timi mas i Pisti


Iron Youth’s new release “Τιμή μας η Πίστη” (Timi mas i Pisti, Greek for “Our creed is our honor”) is a collectors-only compilation of their 3 albums in vinyl format. It is a special box edition with gold print including:

* Durch das Volk – Mit dem Volk – Für das Volk Pic-LP
* Respect / Defend / Create Pic-LP
* Faith Is Stronger Than Fire Pic-LP

It also includes a high quality t-shirt in 3 different colors (black / grey / military) in all sizes (M-L-XL).

This “Timi mas i Pisti” release is limited to 300 copies so hurry up!

Here is the full track-list:


Disc 1 – IRON YOUTH – Durch Das Volk, Mit Dem Volk, Für Das Volk
A1 Whose Flag?
A2 Axiom
A3 Iron Youth
A4 Long Live
A5 For A Dream
B1 Just Say… Forbidden
B2 Outright Blasphemy
B3 White Hate
B4 To Him
B5 After The War

Disc 2 -IRON YOUTH –  Respect / Defend / Create
C1 Respect / Defend / Create
C2 When That Day Comes
C3 Blockhead Youth
C4 Alone?
D1 Close Combat
D2 Bullshit People
D3 Sedition
D4 Modern Man

Disc 3 –IRON YOUTH – Faith Is Stronger Than Fire
E1 Dreams Of Iron
E2 Rest In Peace
E3 We Are The Natural Law
E4 My Way
E5 The Secret Of Steel
F1 Backlash
F2 Choose Your Side
F3 Untamed
F4 Finger Of Scorn



Iron Youth – Timi mas i Pisti