Das Ahnenerbe in Greece


At Ethniko.net I’ve been researching about the Ahnenerbe, the Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Society which was founded in July 1935 by Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Wirth and Richard Walter Darré. The society was originally devoted to scientific and pseudo-scientific researches concerning the anthropological and cultural history of the German ethnic group, and to identify the wellsprings of the Aryan race.

I’ve focused in the Ahnenerbe activities in Greece, and I’ve found that it is an extremely obscure topic. To shed some light on this interesting issue, I ‘ve written an original article about the Ahnenerbe in Greece, which you can download as PDF.

Ahnenerbe in Greece

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Das Ahnenerbe in Greece

Interesting reading

Here are a few resources for those investigating the Greek-German relationship during the first half of the XX century:

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    Mavrokordatis, Hanno, Le Fascism en Grèce pendant la guerre (1941-1944)
Interesting reading