Rudolf Hess was partly Greek. Confirmed.

Many years ago I read somewhere that Rudolf Hess was partly Greek. I knew that the Abwehr’s leader Wilhelm von Kanaris was of Greek origin too (as was Herbert von Karajan), but I had no idea about Rudolf Hess’ Greek ascendence. Since then I was intrigued about this claim, but never researched it.

Yesterday I encountered that claim again on the Wikipedia’s entry about Rudolf Hess. Since the Wikipedia should not be taken as a fully reliable source, now I did want to further investigate this affirmation. This claim is also present in many other parts, including this article, which goes to a stunning level of detail assuring that Rudolf Hess’ mother “was a Greek woman who stayed at home with the kids.”

I’ve been researching about this claim online and offline, and finally I’ve found a primary source alleging it – a book by a published author. It is contained within the book “Aima kai Gi” (Athens, 2001), of which I include a scan of the paragraphs mentioning it. The book explains that Hess’ real second surname was Georgiadis.

So here we have it. Confirmed and documented with a primary source for the first time on the Internet: Rudolf Hess was partly Greek.

It may sound strange to some (certainly not me), but as I’ve learnt Rudolf Hess was not the only Nazi leader to have not pure German ancestry:

  • Alfred Rosenberg’s father was from Latvia, her mother was from Estonia. Both appear to be Baltic Germans
  • Ernst Wilhelm Bohle was born in Bradford in UK and he had duel nationality until 1937
  • Baldur von Schirach mother’s was American
  • Walther Richard Darré was born in Argentina, of French Hugonote ancestors
  • Hjalmar Schacht’ father was Danish
Rudolf Hess was partly Greek. Confirmed.