Golden Dawn and Black Metal

Chrysi Avgi and Black Metal

Many ask about the relationship about the Greek nationalist party Chrysi Avgi/Golden Dawn and the Black Metal scene.

There is an important relationship between Golden Dawn and black metal. In fact, many members of Chrysi Avgi are metalheads, and a portion of them are blackmetallers. Some of these blackmetallers also adhere to the principles of the Hellenic national socialist ideology – resulting in the so-called Hellenic National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM) scene.

By the way, if you’re interested, here’s a list with the best Greek NSBM black metal songs.

Members of these NSBM bands do not disguise that they support Golden Dawn (why shoud they?), and the relationship is visible in some details. For example, this is the cover of Bannerwar’s album “To Honour Fatherland”, which features a meandros (“meander”) on the artwork – the meandros being of course the Golden Dawn’s main emblem.

Golden Dawn and Black Metal

This another album belongs to another band, Wolfnacht, and it also features the meander. Additionally, the album’s title “Aima ke Timi” means “Blood and Honour” (Blut und Ehre was one of the mottos of the German SS). If you haven’t spotted it, there is also a drawing of a golden dawn on the picture. Golden Dawn = Chrysi Avgi.

Golden Dawn and Black Metal

This is yet another album by Wolfnacht (“Dawn of Heathens”):

Golden Dawn and Black Metal

This is yet another album featuring the meandros of Chrysi Avgi. It’s made by black metal band Patris (Greek for “Fatherland”). The band’s logo also displays the double-headed eagle, the medieval symbol of the Greek Byzantine Empire and an emblem of Hellenic imperialism in the Middle Ages.

Golden Dawn and Black Metal

Finally, this album from the Hellenic National Socialist band Der Stürmer also features the meandros as part of the cover artwork at their album “Transcendental Racial Idealism”

Golden Dawn and Black Metal

Of course, the relationship does not stop in the artwork sphere.

The members of Legion of Doom, one of the most famous Greek national socialist black metal bands, are self-confessed members of Chrysi Avgi / Golden Dawn.

And they have a song called “The Rise of a Golden Dawn”.

Legion of Doom was once in the news for the artwork in their albums – one of them featured a swastika. This is very old news (about 1995).

Legion of Doom - Kingdom of Endless Darkness

Another black metal band with a relationship with Golden Dawn / Chrysi Avgi is Naer Mataron. The band’s bassist Kaiadas (Georgios Germenis) is a Golden Dawn politician and an elected deputy at the Greek Parliament. He’s kind of a celebrity in Greece and has been interviewed in TV together with his wife. If you happen to watch the interview you’ll notice that they are a wonderful couple.

Notice the swastikas – an ancient Hellenic symbol – on Zeus’ clothes in this Naer Mataron’s album.

Naer Mataron - Up From the Ashes

Golden Dawn and Black Metal

15 thoughts on “Golden Dawn and Black Metal

  1. Caudillo says:

    Very interesting article, greetings from Spain. I’m really interested in Hellenic NSBM but in here the stupid sheep mass media are now talking about how dangerous and evil are Golden Dawn and all that stuff. I already heard about Patris searching for NSBM, I didn’t knew the rest of bands…

  2. r.son.of.zeus says:

    HELLENIC NATIONAL SOCIALISTIC BLACK METAL is not just words and music. It’s action. Except Varg Vikerns who deserves our respect, the decadent Norwegian Black Metal is a stupid satanic ideology for brainless kids.Golden Dawn is a great movement with political strength to defend the interests of Greek people. Der Stürmer, Wolfnacht, The Shadow Order, Iron Youth, ΝΟΣΤΟΙ, ΠΑΤΡΙΣ, Darkthule and many other bands don’t want fans to collect their albuns. They only want to show YOU who are the fuckin’ enemies in this modern our world. The propaganda 88 is made through the music. Think about it. GRIECHENLAND ÜBER ALLES!!!!!!

  3. Jack Harris says:

    This is a backward step in the evolution of man and the people that have posted comments before me should be ashamed.

  4. Justin says:

    Haha, I have a Wolfnacht T-Shirt! Didn’t know they were Golden Dawn!

    I’ll wear it with even more pride than before!

    Hail Golden Dawn!

  5. Johny says:

    It`s great to know that there are people in Greece that are fighting those zionists who try to conquer the world! Hail Golden Dawn! You are a real inspiration for the rest European NS.

  6. Bartek SS says:

    Great article! much great bands from Hellas for the glory of European/Aryan Pagan past. We have much great bands here for Poland as many years for Graveland, Thunderbolt and others. As well dead Vinlandic band GROM have members for Hellas and Poland also amazing band. Here for much years in the future! SLAVA!

  7. Heathen Hammer 88 says:

    Heil, Kameraden!


    Antifa is pure degeneracy and self-hate. Hang them high on the Day of the Rope. Know your enemies! Anti-racism is codeword for covert white genocide. Remember that every time you encounter Antifa. Remember that the lowlife kike shills want your white children dead or enslaved by jew and nigger filth.

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