Golden Dawn announces Imia 2013 March

Every year, Golden Dawn, the Greek nationalist party, organizes a march through the streets of Athens to commemorate the death of 3 Greek soldiers at Turkish hands in the Greek islet of Imia in January 1996. These events nearly ended up in an open war between Greece and Turkey.

The march usually involves around 5,000 people and it has become one of the biggest nationalist marches in Europe since WW2. Look at the 2012 edition of the Imia March.

Every year, fellow comrades from countries like Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, USA, Russia, Romania, Netherlands or  Serbia among others come to Athens to participate in the march. This year, after the entry of the Golden Dawn into the Greek parliament and the impact it has had in nationalist circles around the world, every Nationalist is invited to take part in it.

You’ll experience what national resistance is and feels like at the very frontline of today’s conflict between national identity and the invading forces of globalization. You will shiver at the lightning of the torches, the chants, the piercing and vociferous speeches of the ‘Führer’ Nikos Michaloliakos (something you must experience live) and the waving flags under the nightly Athenian sky.

The march will take place on February 2, 2013, in Athens, Greece, at 19.00h. The march begins at the Imia monument at the crossroad of Vassilissis Sofias avenue (Λεωφόρος Βασ. Σοφίας) with Rigillis Street. Here’s the place on Google Maps:


Here’s the Golden Dawn video to announce the 2013 edition of the Imia march:

And just to let you know about how does it feel, here is a great video of the 2008 Imia March:

There are dozens of videos on Youtube. Just search for “Imia 2011” and so on (or its Greek equivalent “Ίμια 2011”) to watch more.

Golden Dawn announces Imia 2013 March

6 thoughts on “Golden Dawn announces Imia 2013 March

  1. Mark says:

    All the best to the pro nationalist that will be Marching on that day, Golden dawn is the party of the future, Fuck the EU and the jewish whores that are flooding europe will islam and Africans, pro white movement and nationalism is the way forward for EUROPE , LONG live the white race

  2. Jax says:

    I will be there, the situation in greece can only be resolved through violence,Europes politicians are corrupt to the core and are puppets to the EU jewish gangsters, WHITE PRIDE and nationalism must be initiated throughout Europe once again , have no fear we will destroy this parasite once and for all .

  3. Goran Ilich says:

    Brothers – I`m a Serbian from FYROM and I really admire your struggle but here in Skopje I`m under big pressure because my ideas . I would like to consult with some of you what to do here or to start a brand new branch of SKOPIAS GOLDEN DOWN or something else on your suggestion. Please Brothers I need any help if you can help me.
    Best wishes and GOD BE WITH YOU

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