18 thoughts on “Greek golden girls – Women of Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi)

  1. Spartan says:

    God bless these beautiful women for standing up and speaking out against this virus called multiculturalism. Unfortunately, we have nothing like this in the U.S. The best way to keep Greece for Greeks is to have unlimited children. Seeing that there are young women in this movement, that should be atop priority.

  2. Ajax says:

    Beautiful Strong Greek Women. Thats the kind Of Women I Like. Us Greeks need to have more children, And a woman you can kick a Non-Euro’s ass, is the perfect wife and partner. Zito Ellas Blood and Honour!

  3. nicanora says:

    I feel pride when I look at these pictures. Unfortunately in the US we are far from anything like it. We are to passive, brainwash and down the toilet to be able to stand up and be counted. At least, I will get a sense of satisfaction contemplating you from afar. Go Greeks!

  4. Dana Roccapriore says:

    Iron Cross = 10 babies, if GD takes over i am MOVING TO GREECE, along with hundreds of thousands of others in the greek diaspora! of course the JEWSA will probably invade you guys. i am going to join my local chapter soon.

  5. lights says:

    You Greeks are an inspiration to us all. Don’t let up!

    For you Americans out there, something like this could happen in the US.

    Check out the Northwest Front and read “The Brigade” by HA Covington.

    See you in the Northwest.

  6. nicanora says:

    A few minutes ago, I was listening to an interview presented by NPR to this Afghan man who says that he is preparing his family the same as scores of others to make a mass exodus after the US Forces leave in 2014. He said that they will go to Turkey, then Greece and finally to Sweden “where there are good immigration laws”. So, if you think it is bad now, wait until then. By 2014 Europe will be gone unless you act NOW!

  7. JohnyV313 says:

    I’m a American my grand parents came from Greece and I’ve herd all my life about the horrible Turks and now the USA is totally over run by Muslims who hate us, illegals, communist politicians, that scum Obama is our president for Christ sake, we can’t even have a Ron Paul bumper sticker with out being labeled a right wing extremist. To victory Golden Dawn!! As soon as your in control of Hellas I’m taking my blood full circle and moving to Greece!!! Great to see you have such support I wish we could do the same thing in America.

  8. Abdullah says:

    LOL look at that coward scum :) To all those imbeciles posting here: No one has even the average intelligence level here to mention why on all those pictures the faces of these women were either covered or blurred.If they are so fucking brave as you idiots claim,why da fuck did the posters of this photo hide their identities ?? What is it that they are afraid of ?

  9. Mike says:

    they are afraid of the bolshevik terrorists you dumb. Golden dawn has already 2 people dead from them and dozens of terrorist attacks at their offices. stfu and go home.

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