The Greek race, an anthropological phenomenon.

Summer is always a nice time to read about those indepth topics we can’t read the rest of the year. A great topic is the great miracle that is the Greek race is. Greeks live in the same corner of Europe they were living 4,000 years ago. Greeks speak the same language they spoke 4,000 years ago. Greeks write the same alphabet they used 4,000 years ago.

Despite the two only conquests we’ve underwent (Roman and Ottoman), we have preserved our fatherland so well that we live in the same place Achilles or Hercules did. Ruins and remnants from the ancestors are around our neighborhoods, so the bind with our forefathers is not only spiritual but physical too. We have preserved our racial language so well that a Greek of today could understand a Greek of the Trojan Wars. We have preserved our alphabet so well that a Greek of today can read writings from a Greek of the Periclan Era such as Plato as if it had been written by his father, with an ease that would shock non-Greeks.

We share our fatherland with no other country, we share our language with no other nation, we share our language with no other people. We are Greeks, descendants from Zeus, an unparalled anthropological phenomenon.

The Greek race, an anthropological phenomenon.

5 thoughts on “The Greek race, an anthropological phenomenon.

  1. Sophia Danopulos says:

    To be completely frank, this particular type of love for one’s country borders on obsession, and this scares me.

    I understand how this type of concern easily stems from the fact that every country in our current world is losing its culture to the mainstream media…but to go so far as to promote our country as the best and greatest in the world is being slightly too patriotic.

    The beauty of being Greek is that we have remained faithful to our culture since it’s conception, its very nature allowing us to advance with the rest of the world (in some cases, even before) without becoming enough like other peoples to change our culture. To return to how we were during ancient times would be to completely erase the impact of that fact, and we woud be shunning the world that we will always be part of as well.

    If I caused you any offense, I apoogize in advance. Thank you for letting me have my say. I really appreciate it.

  2. Aryan Italian says:

    When we “claim our countries to be the best” we claim truth facts, inventions, scientists, art, culture, military, etc,
    we don’t just say “oh yeah, USA is the best art creatior in the whole world” because it is a fact that USA produces degenerate art, modern art, nothing impressive…
    but when we say “oh Germans created all modern bases for warfare” we are speaking the truth, the WWII was a big jump for Germany as an Empire.
    Greek Culture was an example about 4000 years ago, I hate to say that it isnt anymore, since it is filled with Gypsis, Turks, Romanians, Nigerians, Arabs, and a lot of other races that put an awesome country down in ruins…
    the base for all great culture of Europe was Greece, or as it official name Hellas.
    Greece is just a turk denomination for that specific conquered territory, and a degradeting mention for such a great land…

  3. Nima Bavari says:

    As an assumed brother to Greeks, I, as a Persian, agree with you. You Greeks, our noble brothers, defend Graeco-Aryan line back 4000 years ago through now, our day. Thank you for this. Millions of times.

  4. Sohrab says:

    Hello ,,, my say is that you Greeks and we Persians ,,, only claiming for nothing ,,, we are destroyed by other nations ,,, please do bring me any evidence because I have read many of them,,, and you Nima .. when some one deos not know any thing about … not going to talk … leave the being racist,. there no place for kind of this idea

    Thank you

  5. Yannis says:

    I want to reply to the…Arian Italian. Hey buddy, have you forgotten what happened top your all mighty army back in the 40’s?? Well we say for you that you re all a bunch of loud bullshit talkers, and you re a livge example to say sucj things about the Greeks, what are we ?? gypsies??or are we a globalized salad? not yet. We re the same ones that kicked Xerxes back to hell where he came from.The same ones that made Hitler and Mousolini shit in their pants.We re the ones that you should be paying gratitude for saving the rest of the world with our fearless resistance which happened to delay the german army and reach russia at winter time, destroying the axis plans for a quick attack in russian ground.Instead of damn respect you re calling me a gypsie??I sure hope i meet your lazy italian ass in the coming global war.Thats when you are going to witness for what Hellas really stands for.Until then keep yelling.Oh and something else. All you are you ough it to the Greeks, so shut your big mouth or study ancient and modern history.They re just keeping us under control all these years.Well we re going to lose control again, then you ll realise who really defines the pages of human history.

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