15 thoughts on “Ustasha chic – Fascist Croatian girls II

  1. Peter says:

    You Ustasha make me ill, my mother is from Korcula, it makes her sick looking at that Ustasha emblem , long live Yugoslavia!

  2. A. A. Güttner says:

    “Explain to me a thing until the moment I do not understand consigui: as in a country like Croatia predominance of Catholic, a religion that preaches peace, harmony and respect among his peers and allows different manifestation in public and deliberately and hypocritical for groups like the Ustasha, a bad copy of the gorillas Nazis built, preachers of hate against his fellows and a different bunch of imbeciles who thank God were thrown into the dustbin of history and, unfortunately rescued by other imbeciles the caliber of the Ustasha. We can compare the Ustasha a cancer, and thus should be banned and eradicated before they contaminate the rest of the Croatian society healthy. and fast. “

  3. Every intelligent European White nationalist cannot support what the ustachis represent in our modern world.It’s quite simple:for them the first enemy is the Serbian,who is however very close to them racialy.Moreover,Serbia was in the 90’s a very brave nation,and they had everyone against them.
    As white nationalist,my respect and admiration for Serbia is too important for me to support a movement which contributed to its annihilation.
    I’ve nothing against Croatians,and I can admire that country too,but I just remember they had the fuckin’ (jew)USA on their side against the brave nation of Serbia in the 90’s.
    Ustachis are not a movement for the safeguarding of the European spirit,but only for a certain chauvinistic mentality.Jasenovac killed a majority of serbians,far more than jews.And I don’t give a fuck if their “girls” are pretty…the politics become ruins when they are ruled by women.

  4. Marko says:

    As a Croatian man I am disgusted and insulted by these photos. There is NOTHING positive in the nature of the Utashe. God forgive them….for they know NOT what they do.

    Bog I Hrvati

  5. AlexKing says:

    Ustaše – je vuci zvijeri. A to je samo mogao ubiti i opljačkati nevine ljude i boriti se, ali ne znam kako da kukavice! Živimo u bivšoj jugoslavenskoj dragovoljac ustaša poginulo 95, a 14 je izboden s bajunetom-nožem. To je ono što ti pod-hrvatskog heroja! U foto kurve fašističkih, kovitla ustashevskie!

  6. Croat says:

    Your mom is a communist scumbag.
    Yugoslavia is dead we buriedit for eternity.
    Long live Neovisna Država Hrvatska!
    Communist pests free since 1991!

  7. boris says:

    Fascists are Italian, NAZIS are German ….both political movements retarded and regressed the evolution and development of all former ottoman territory in Europe and WWII buried all of eastern europe…. the EU will use the under populated regions of SE Europe as a settlement for the massive waves of refugees from Asia, Middle East & Africa… and as history has proven, the Balkans will be a buffer zone to protect the west and block the east…. we sell out our people…. and this U nostalgia is a symptom of low education, …..1991…a bar… and they put a portrait of Pavelic on the wall… and the bar-owner wanted comment… no big deal for us in oz…. his face was always on the wall in the Hrvatski Dom in Surry Hills… you have to ask yourself?Italians…. the only way to get them out was to become a partisan… so why would blood brothers go in different directions… the same family? Die as partisan die as a domobran….WHO SOLD the crown lands of the first Croatian King to a foreign power? I gave my last dollar to HDZ in Punchbowl… to see Croatia free… but if the Crna Legija wants to reincarnate …I will become a staunch monarchist and anti republican… our last King was Blessed Charles of Austria… if you were baptised and confirmed and you pray Dodji Kraljevstvo Tvoje….then you can only be for us or against us….INRI….you people can’t think….cui bono… wearing the ustaski znak gives you equal status with anyone wearing a cetnik symbol….. and all the former republics of titoslvavia are dominated by corrupt communists turned capitalists…..what a joke…..druze, Moscow is turning left and Washington is turning right, what shall we do..????? Indicate we are tuning left..but turn right…govnjari…Kroatizacija…homogenise the population…. allow extremists to fantasize about a morbid history… a bunch of patsies

  8. Bran says:

    When Croatia stops glorifying the murderous Yugoslav chapter of their history so too it will understand why the Ustasha movement existed before and after the world at war… and finally let go of this baggage.

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