Ustasha chic – Croatian fascist girls

It’s been a long time since the Croatian fascists, the Ustasha. But the Ustashi spirit is very alive still today, especially among some Croatian girls. And more than one Ustasa-wannabe girl is a beautiful one. Whatever, these girls love to sport a stylish Ustasha cap – a Ustasha chic fashion trend, no less.

Ustasha chic - Croatian fascist girls

Ustasha chic - Croatian fascist girls

Ustasha chic - Croatian fascist girls

Ustasha chic - Croatian fascist girls

Ustasha chic - Croatian fascist girls

Ustasha chic - Croatian fascist girls

Ustasha chic - Croatian fascist girls

Ustasha chic - Croatian fascist girls

Ustasha chic - Croatian fascist girls

Ustasha chic - Croatian fascist girls

Ustasha chic – Croatian fascist girls

65 thoughts on “Ustasha chic – Croatian fascist girls

  1. SANI PRIMORAC says:


  2. anna gover says:

    iam born australian but my father was in the war as a
    ustasa in 1941 he has now passed away and i would
    love to
    buy a ustasa hat and necklace as a keepsake of
    my fathers dedication to croatia can anyone help me

  3. A.A. Güttner says:

    “From time to time, the stigma of fascism or something similar comes up so disgusting and despicable assimilated by a youth of mediocre mentality (in this case Croatian) without future prospects in Europe a poor, old and delayed seeking in pictures buried by history, something to look up and being thus tend to make the same mistakes committed earlier that these figures, a history of pain and suffering, converged so stupid and blind as seen today as a mutation of true nationalism, his real genesis is the aggrandizement of the nation and every culture and etinias that made it big as it is. “

  4. luka says:

    do not blame to croatia they hate the Ustasa’s also and they have thousands of Croats killed I am a Croat and I’m not proud of this, the partisans were croatian but not so cruel as the Ustasa’s. And the partisans had jews, Gypsies, Serbs, and everybody from Yugoslavia. The partisans fight against the Ustasa’s the Chetniks and the Germans at a time so do not blame croatia but the Ustasa’s

    1. Vickie says:

      Idiot don’t call you self Croatian ,These girls are real Croatian not ashamed to display they Heritage but proud of it, I know Croatians like you, who displayed Satan Tito in you house and cried when he died, never ever say you are Croatian

  5. Marko says:

    Lord forgive these women, for they know NOT what they do. As a Croatian man, I am disgusted. There is nothing beautiful or attractive about the Ustashi. I am ashamed. I pray for Croatia.

    Bog I Hrvati

  6. Jay says:

    The cowardly Ustasa were responsible for some of the most evil acts during WW2. The spineless nation colluded with the Nazi regime, massacring women, children and the mass extermination of particular ethnic groups. I guess that most be something to feel for the sluts above to feel proud about.

  7. M says:

    My family were Ustasa in WW2. They committed no crime and defended their area from the communists. You idiots must realize there were good and bad on all sides and not abuse those of us who are proud of their families sacrifice.

  8. Ante says:

    Wear them with pride Girls ..Your ancestors did nothing wrong by defending their homeland ,culture and history .For those people who find this offensive only proves the fact that you yourselves are supporters of genocide and support the mass killing of Croats during the second world war. If you dont like what you see – well dont view it or search the internet for it .

  9. Joe Simunic says:

    What is a shame are the partizans who killed 10’s of thousands of Croatian’s who were against yugoslavia in WWII. ZA DOM SPREMNI!

  10. unknown aust_Croat says:

    The f___cking world looks at what Nazis and what facism do. But no one looks at what the Serbs and Yugoslavs did to inocent Croatians in ww2 and the war in the 80s and 90s. People like ante gotovina and ante pavalic just wanted their land free. The term ustasha is nothing to do with facism . its means to stand up. The Croats of WWII didn’t kill f__cling jews. THEY WERE SAVING THEM from hitler (and fuck Hitler) the Serbs were the ones that did mass genocide on Croats.. So get your f__ing facts right


  11. Nebojsa Radmanovic says:

    I’m a serb and we are proud to have massacred tens of thousands of bosnian muslims and even some croats. lol. fuck the nazis, we did a better job.

  12. Max says:

    The new Independent State of Croatia” was established as a pro-Nazi government. It was dedicated to a clerical-fascist ideology influenced both by Nazism and extreme Roman Catholic fanaticism. On coming to power, the Ustaša Party dictatorship in Croatia quickly commenced on a systematic policy of racial extermination of all Serbs, Jews and Gypsies living within its borders.Karl Hans Genscher wrote:“ Every office, trolley car, in every bus and restaurant, had a sign saying: NO SERBS, JEWS, GYPSIES AND DOGS !Walter Hagen wrote:“ A truly lethal hatred was directed against Jews and Serbs who were declared „VOGELFREI“. That means that anyone can kill them…From August 1941 to April 1945, hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Romas, as well as anti-fascists of many nationalities, were murdered at the death camp known as Jasenovac. The savagery of the worst religious massacre of the 20th century managed to horrify even the German Nazis and Italian fascists, with severalhigh German officials asking Hitler to remove the vicious ustashe regime…..This is how famous Italian writer Curzio Malaparte described his meeting with Ante Pavelic in his book “Kaputt”: While he spoke (Pavelic, ustashe leader) I gazed at a wicker basket on the Poglavnik’s (Fuhrer’s) desk. The lid was raised. “Are they Dalmatian oysters” I asked Poglavnik. Ante Pavelic said smiling, “ It is a present from my loyal ustashes. Theese are 40 pounds of human eyes”…..The Italians have photographed one ustashe who had a necklace made of tongues and human eyes around the neck…..Jakob Altmeier: “World history remembered many of genocide and mass murderers. However, none of them was that fierce to ask to be served eyes of his victims in wicker baskets. That was the speciality of Pavelic and his ustashe.”Even the Nazi generals were amazed at the horrors of Jasenovac. General von Horstenau, Hitler’s representative in Zagreb, wrote in his personal diary for 1942 that the Ustasha camps in the NDH were the epitome of horror…Dr Herman Neubacher, Hitler’s trustee for South-East Europe:”Croatian military campaing of exterminating Orthdox Serbs represents one of fiercest crimes in entire world history”.In 1945, the Ironic twist of history brings communists lead by Tito (a Croatian Catholic) on power in former Yugoslavia, placing Croatia on the winning side. Tito oreders all death camp facilities to be dismantled and removed, and proclaims a new state ideology of „brotherhood and unity“. The ustashe genocide remains under the veil of silence. The silence continued to this day, for the most of the world…

  13. D says:

    *slap on the head* I found the best place to criticize nazis :) ROFL
    p.s. enjoy it guys, I hope your kids don’t end up marry a gay person or an african….:)) or not even a fellow nazi from another country 😛

  14. AlexKing says:

    To je kao da smo u Rusiji / Kazahstanu, u uniformama njemački nacisti. Gađali s trulim jajima bi!

    nešto ovako … Ja stvarno ne znam na hrvatski

  15. AlexKing says:

    Я всё же думаю что среди хорватов много нормальных парней и девушек, а на этих фото только отдельные идиотные существа!

    Ja još uvijek mislim da je puno Hrvata normalnih dječaka i djevojčica, a ove fotografije samo su neki idiotnye bića!

  16. AlexKing says:

    Istrunuo daleko davno, u zemlji Pavelića, ustaše je nonhumans. S punim pravom partizanski da u Bleiburgu pucao 10.000 tih životinja. Neka gori u paklu! I u 90-im puno tih bića srpskih mladića propucao. I to samo znala kako da ubijaju djecu i žene, tako bolesne. Curvy ovih sada haljini … Idiote!

  17. Andrea says:

    on the second photo ( start counting from the bottom one ) can be seen 8 public toilets : 7 blue in the background , and one with a black cap in the front !

  18. croboy says:

    Why is it that people look at what Nazism caused.

    And that the world doesn’t look at the innocent Iraqis and muslims murded by the Americans themselves.

  19. Anyone who believes that the Utasha were defending their homeland has swallowed the filthy lies of Satan himself. I can stomach war, but butchering children and women has no strategic military importance. The Croat Nationalists of WW2 were devilish pigs and their sympathizers of today should reject and abhor associating with them. Furthermore to identify with Christ in the midst of supporting such horror is the ultimate perversion. If you want your land free, then pray and submit to a Holy God and stop romanticizing about your vile past.

  20. Crna Legija says:

    Bog I Hrvati!Oluja!Knin!
    Nezavisna Država Hrvatska


  21. jjlolz says:

    To ray…

    How do you have evidence of the ustashas killing kids, Jews and everything else!.

    Why didn’t you say how the Serbs and yougoslavs came to Croatia and killed children, raped women and forced men to cut their own dicks off!.

    So unless your a dirty communist Serb, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!!

  22. katie says:

    Please could someone from Ethniko get in touch with me regarding an editorial feature we are writing.
    I would like to speak to someone about photo copyright of these online photos which I would like to use in our feature. If some from Ethniko admin could get back to me urgently I would really appreciate it.


  23. usa mike says:

    I would like to come to Croatia and personally fuck up everyone of those fuckin skanks along with any other HOP smypathizing asshole. Fuck the motherfuckers.

  24. boris says:

    aborigines call me gubba, pacific islanders call me pakia, anglocelts call me wog, muslims call me infidel, read your history and know that the slavs fought Turks and that we were supplied with weapons from our neighbours in the north, the feud started in wwi. No matter what we do or say, we are known for our merciless cruelty and savage visciuosness, we have proven again and again and again, roast pork, cabbage salad and plum brandy makes us expert at perpetuating and reminding the rest of Europe that white mongrel bastard illyrian / grecoromano / turko / austrohungrian / catholicorthodox (never protestant) muslim peasants (the bulk of our ancestral aristocracy defeated, beheaded) will remain Balkan primitives e.g…remember we do not belong in illiricum….we are occupiers… we invaded the Balkans…the Greeks and Romans allow us to stay while we remain faithful to their version of history…….. do yourself a favour and get your DNA profile checked out…. how many Italians lived in Dalmatian how many Hungarians lived in Slavonia how many Turks were expelled from the military frontier..the tambura and gusla come all the way, please forgive me…I have forgotten the Mongols…. when a young woman wears a black cap? Not married, not pregnant, not religious, what is really going on? how much does the cap cost, was it made in china? Someone is making a buck? must be a lucrative trade selling fascist/Nazi (both anti Catholic)..?… the ustasi were religious? Only communists are anti church… Does not match… the alliance is illogical… NDH could only ever be a vassal state….. how many of us? They better start having lots of children before the Hungarians take back what was given to them

  25. Girl maybe pretty but she has the intelligence of a doorknob. I wonder how this woman would feel if she was attacked, beaten, raped and killed, would she parade around wearing a fashionable accessory? For even Nazis trying to stop Ustasha brutality needs no explanation.

  26. I do not know what makes me sicker. Ustasha for their lust for blood or the Vatican secretly giving them its blessing. Appalling what religion will do to some people.

  27. draza says:

    If you think these serb catholics are hot you must have shit in your God they are shocking
    .long live western serbia .

  28. U fucking ustase dogs , your hero dog leader ran away with his other dog leaders . Also he gave away Dalmatia and now you ustase mountain people want to call Dalmatia beautiful Croatia .go back to nazi Germany’s where you belong

  29. Petar the dalmatian says:

    Im a australian dalmatian and believe in the yugoslav model. The croatian state is laughable, look at the people, high unemployment, poor living standards.and best of all the germans have bought up all the beautiful coastline.
    Under yugoslavia livings standards were high, education was free and the land was not polluted with western values.
    Many hrvati yearn for the old days unfortunately they will never come back. The only furure for croatia is no future.

  30. Roman Melnychuk says:

    Greeting from West Ukraine – only part not under Judaic rule ! ZA DOM SPREMNI ! We support you and my grandparents were proud fighters in Fitst Division SS Galicia ! Nazism will rise again !! This time we finish the job.


  31. The sickest of the sickest in humanity i as an ulster protestant loyalist would even state by our standards of combat against the IRA and vice a versa make us look like angels Peace to all but that has its limitations Barry

  32. Vickie says:

    Croatians were not fascists or Nazi puppet state , that was all Propaganda made by Tito , Ustase means stand up and was formed for all Croatians to stand up for they freedom that the King wanted to take away and was killing all Croatians if they oppose him
    Ustase were formed in Hercegovina , next Village from my grandparents , I had 2 uncles 16 and 17 yrs they lied they age by joining ustase what everyone says these days is not true , both my uncles were betrayed by England and then were murdered by Tito and Partizans shot in back by gutless bastards that is how Tito worked and after war he stripped Croatians of they right but that was not good enough for him, he went around the world slaughtering Croatians , some were not even born during the war he killed, so yeah freedom is great about time stand up and be be proud like these girls , I am proud of my Croatian Heritage and thank all Ustase for trying to gain the freedom for Croatia , I hope you all are happy now in heaven

    1. Annonymous says:

      your grandparents killed Serbs and Other Groups of innocent people for an ethnic cleansing, no they were not Nazis, but they were just as bad!

  33. Andrew Walker says:

    Hey Vickie, FUCKOFF. Hundreds of thousands were murdered in Jasenovac. There is more than ample evidence/eyewitness accounts. Please bother to read “The Vatican and the Yugoslav Auschwitz” by Vladimir Dedijer. Vjekoslav Luburic himself said about Serbs :

    “We will convert one third, expel one third and eliminate one third”.

    Even German officers who visited Jasenovac were horrified at the hand-to-hand brutality they saw. Read the accounts of Edmund Von Glaise-Horstenau for some more detail. Your nationalism has blinded you to the truth.

  34. Garitchko Gemelova says:

    Great to see true patriots still alive and well.
    There is only one thing good for a Cigany or nigger and that is extermination!

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